GWCAA, a 501(c)(3) organization was organized in 1968. It was chartered in 1972 and is currently registered in Washington, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The organizations goals are:

1. To keep the memory (history) at the forefront

2. To keep in contact with the students who attened the school

3. To support youth seeking a higher education
4.  Act as a unifying association

(A) Govern, all chapters established under the authority and sanction of GWCAA,

(B) Solicit financial support and other resource from Alumni friends and other Source.

Such as government, grants, foundationand the corporate sector.

(C) Assist in financial support for students.

(D) Maintain a wholesome and supportive relationship with the CORM Counties when suggesting or implementing Alumni Programs.

(E) Organize and mobilize the collective strenght of the Alumni for the Advancement of African American Education.

(F) Encourage a spirit of loyalty, love and pride for our Alma Mater.

(G) Encourage and maintain a friendly, working relationship among the Alumni.

(H) Promote professional growth and reward and honor outstandiing service contributions to GWCAA.

(I) GWCAA Logo should be the same as the Mascot( The Hawk) 

(J) There should be an Annual Meeting , where we invite members to attended (Plus all meeting are open)

(K) A Resident Agent should be a member of the Association. 

George Washington Carver Alumni Association (GWCAA) is comprised of past graduates and any Alumni of the George Washington Carver Regional High School.  Past graduates & any Alumni are welcome to join us as we strive to achieve our goals. 

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